A Rose By Any Other Name…

These are some interesting roses – some look interesting and some have interesting names.

First the Dolly Parton rose – well, actually that’s roses – plural – there’s 2 of them in this pic  ;)

and then some lovely Julia Child roses.


Then – of course – we must have a pic of Jennie Butchart roses, and to the right of the Jennie Butchart roses, there is the Gertrude Jekyll rose. Who is Gertrude Jekyll, you ask?  Well, I have no idea, but anyone with the awful name of Gertrude Jekyll deserves to have a lovely rose named after her as compensation.


Next, we have the Elle rose. Is it named after Elle MacPherson, the famous swimsuit model?  Well, I’ve no idea, you’ll have to Google it. To the right of the Elle rose, is the Chevy Chase rose, who I don’t believe was ever a swimsuit model.


Below left is the Fisherman’s Friend rose.

What?! A rose named after an awful throatlozenge!  What kind of Monkey Business is this?


English Roses and Memories

Below left: Yorkshire Bank.  Below right: Royal William


Princess of Wales 1997 (left) and Pride of England (right)


And then below are the Loving Memory and Always and Forever roses.


My Favorites and Rose Potpourri

First, my favorites: Shreveport and Cherry Parfait:


Below left we have a Simply Marvelous rose and to the right a Silver Anniversary rose.


And then the Sexy Rexy rose! Woo-hoo!  And to the right, is a Pink Promise.


Below left is a gorgeous Rotary Sunrise, and to the right are some Lion’s International roses.


And then a gorgeous Cariba rose and to the right, Amber Queen roses.


Below are the Mr. Lincoln and Modern Art roses.


60’s Hippie Retro

And now the Hippie Roses:  First the Peace and Pink Peace


Then the Love and Peace, then the Love rose:


Then we have the Mellow Yellow and Marmalade Skies:


and finally, the Desert Peace rose:

Burnaby Family Museum Town


In June I went to visit my sister and to see the musical, Wicked.

While I waited for sister to get off work, I went to the Burnaby Family Museum, which is ‘Forty and Free’.  This means that this year, the museum has been open for forty years and has free admission!

The Burnaby Village Museum spans 10 acres of land and contains over 30 display buildings that make up a 1920s heritage village. Many of the buildings are original heritage buildings, moved from other locations in the community and carefully restored. Others are replica buildings, created to house specific displays and artifacts.

Burnaby Family Museum Farmhouse


No AP required at the park


Butchart Gardens – May 2011


Animal Kingdom – May 2011

We came across 2 young elephants playing “dunk” in the pool.

They then proceeded to chase each other! Cute!

Epcot WDW – May 2011



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